OH NO!  More Coronavirus News?

Wait! this is different – read on.

We are overwhelmed with all the terrible public health and business news related to the coronavirus.

Create A Balance For The Negative Personal, Public Health, and Business News


As business owners and marketers, we need to take heart and understand that  although the media is full of dire news, there are reasons to be hopeful that we’ll come out of it sooner than expectations.


The information we’ve assembled below is a good balance to some of the negativity we all feel.  And it helps the understanding that we’ll be coming out on the other side of this one day, as some other countries seem to be doing right now.  Here is today’s good news:


The “If Down, Do” Opportunity

When I worked in the manufacturing environment, production crews prepared “if down, do…” lists so that if the production line went down for repairs, operating crews would implement the items on the list, instead of standing around idly waiting for the mechanics to finish. 


Even though coronavirus related business shutdowns and isolations are a lot more serious and uncertain, the principles of “if down, do” apply.


The effects of this pandemic on people and businesses is going to be enormous.  But it will pass and be replaced by a huge pent-up demand for goods and services that you’ll need to be ready for.


For businesses and nonprofits that choose to take advantage of it, there’s a rare opportunity to prepare for getting out of this thing without the daily pressure of working in the business.


Preparing for coming out on the other side by improving some of the things that have been past problem areas or limitations in the business is the best thing you can do – and now’s the time to do it.


Give some consideration to working on things like:


– Marketing Strategy- Social Media Strategy
– Reputation/Brand Strategy
– Operating Procedures
– Referral Strategy
– Client On-boarding Strategy
– Website Update


Bookmark and share this page.  We’ll be updating the good news frequently.


Do follow the smart things to do to keep yourself healthy and safe, and let us know if we can help you get prepared for the future.


Your comments and ideas are welcome.