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Making Businesses Text-Friendly

Text Engine combines text messaging with a human touch in a way that streamlines customer service and delights the customer.

Business Texting Today:

  • 97% of Americans text at least once a day.
  • Americans text message 5X more than call.
  • Consumers prefer texting for customer service.
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.
  • Texts have 2x the engagement as social media.
  • 64% of American Consumers feel businesses have “Lost Touch” with humanity.
  • Text Chat systems blends automation with personal contact
  • Text Chat systems includes both transactional and marketing features

Customer, Client, & Patient Benefits:

  • Text to the business or chat and get information quickly without being put on hold, wading through phone trees, or leaving messages
  • Set up appointments, reservations and receive reminders – all via text
  • Receive discounts, important or fun information, announcements, appointment reminders sent right to their phones in short, crisp, messages.
  • Can send images and videos to the business.
  • Communicate conveniently and securely with the business – even after hours – without downloading an app.
  • Receive information relative to their needs in a more personal 1:1 manner

Benefits To The Business

  • 2-way texting with customers -that doesn’t use personal cell phone numbers.

  • Automatic Opt-in and unsubscribe management

  • Business handles more communications – faster – compared to phone only conversations. Accessible via PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop.

  • Text management can be assigned to specific departments and users.  

  • “Text Us”, Chat, and appointment schedule  buttons on the website.

  • Create and send promotional targeted promotional messages

  • VIP club option.

  • Text and email Autoresponders for answering marketing, common questions, or information request sequences.

  • Can send links, videos, images, files to the user when needed.

  • Tag and segment users by interests and product needs – archives all customer data. 

An Easy To Use Platform With Customers And Business Benefits

With easy-to-use Text Engine technology, a business puts the human touch back into customer service, yet streamlines communications with, and marketing to customers, employees, clients, and patients. Text Engine makes it easy for employees to manage customer service, sales, and other operations while customers love the convenience of short text communications.

Here are just a few of the features that will help any business engage with customers in a way that is effective, engaging, and more convenient for the customer, client, or patient.

Personalized Chats

Communicate and engage with customers, clients, and patients 1:1 or in groups via text and optional automation features.

Central Dashboard

Manage and organize communications and features through a customizable dashboard on the go or in the office.

Many Agents Or One

Large or small organizations can have a single agent or a team of agents to manage different customer needs.

Handle Multiple Chats

Easily handle communications with multiple customers simultaneously in real time from anywhere in the world

Text Enabled Landline

Keep your existing business phone number and we'll text enable your landline or provide a brand new text /voice number

Appointment Setter

Reservations, appointments and appointment reminders using text. Set appointments and follow ups.

Chat Options

Provides multiple ways for customers, employees, patients, or clients to text, chat, or call 24/7. Never lose track of customers.

Marketing Tools

The ability to build an email list and send mass SMS promotional messages to opted in customers creates a powerful sales tool


Auto-answer FAQ's and/or use pre-saved messages that respond to certain keywords saves staff and customers time.


Non-compliant SMS marketing messages bring hefty fines. Text Engine complies with federal and state privacy regulations


Text , email, and browser alerts insure that you'll always know when a prospect or customer texts your business

Chat Archive

All chats, including opt-ins are archived to have a record of any communications between the business and its customers.

What Kind Of Business Should Use Text Engine?

The short answer is…just about any business or institution: restaurants, churches, beauty salons, real estate, government offices, doctors, nursing homes, dentists, construction, legal offices, home services – and the list goes on.  The video below gives just one example of property management.  See how business text chat can be used there, and imagine it being used in your business to improve customer service and communications.

Text Engine

“Text Engine is a game changer for the way we communicate and engage with our customers.  It’s fast, reliable, convenient, and affordable.  It takes the worry out of  texting and managing customer interactions”

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