Online Reputation Advertising


Types Of Online Ads

Online ads are ads that are displayed as you use the web.  In 2016, the amount spent on online ads exceeded the amount spent on TV ads.  This trend has continued to grow.

PPC (Pay Per Click aka search ads) places a text ad in front of someone based on the phrases (keywords) that they enter into the browser search bar.

Example:  People who are searching for “Dentist” will be shown ads from companies in that industry.  Advertisers only pay Google when anyone clicks on the ad.

Display ads use eye-catching images and text and are shown to people who match certain geographical, demographic, or interests that are relevant to the advertiser’s message.  Here are a few examples:

Image Ad

Retargeting ads are displayed to people who have visited your website in the past (a warm audience) wherever they’re on the web visiting other sites.  Retargeting ads are usually image ads, but text ads can also be used.  Pixel tracking technology enables this.

Video ads show short videos to a target audience.  Google, YouTube, and Facebook use them.

Are Online Ads Costly?

Average cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and costs per view, will vary depending on the industry, location, the amount of ad inventory available, and sometimes, the season.  But the best answer to this question is this:  If they are giving you a positive ROI, they’re inexpensive – if they’re giving you a negative ROI, they’re very expensive.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your ad campaigns and allow a little time to learn how to tweak things like images, copy, bidding strategies, time of day, audience targeting, keywords, etc.

 Top 4 Online Ad Platforms

We use a combination of ad platforms so that our client’s ads can be seen everywhere on the web.  These are the ad platforms that we generally use in our client’s campaigns:

  • Google Ads
  • You Tube
  • Facebook Ads
  • Traffic Wave – our proprietary network of web properties

The Power of Auditing Your Ad Campaigns

Whether you’re doing display, retargeting, image, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on your own or using an ad agency,  we can provide you with a free, no-obligation ad campaign audit & review.

Our clients are often surprised when we show them what we discover. Most PPC accounts rarely change. They have the same set of eyes looking at them for months or even years.

We dive deep to find out where the money is going and what money is being wasted. We look at ad performance, negative keywords, how often the campaign gets updated, and 6 other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our nine-part ad campaign audit evaluates:

    • Campaign Structure
    • Targeting
    • Ad creatives and  Copy
    • Keywords & Match Types
    • Negative Keywords
    • What’s Bleeding Out Money
    • What’s Working
    • Conversion Data (if applicable)
    • Optimization frequency

Our PPC audits include a thorough review of your PPC portfolio’s structure, historical performance, use of fundamental PPC best practices and other advanced PPC opportunities to ensure that you obtain the best results from your PPC efforts.

How We Run Ad Campaigns

We’ve created millions of impressions for our clients’ brand messages.  Our proven methodology means that we do the following for digital ad campaigns:

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis of your current digital ad campaigns (if currently running campaigns)
  2. Conduct a website and landing page analysis using Google Analytics
  3. In-depth keyword or target audience/demographics assessment.
  4. Plan and develop a proper advertising campaign structure.
  5. Create proper ad group structures with relevant keywords or target audiences
  6. Create high-converting ad copy, display ad banners, or video ads.
  7. Identify and implement appropriate bid strategies.
  8. Optimize or design landing pages for ad destinations.
  9. Implement funnel and conversion tracking mechanisms.
  10. Manage and optimize campaigns to maximize your ROI

Optimizing an online ad campaign is a continuous improvement process to constantly improve the ROI.


96% of website visitors don’t contact the business. Retargeting solves this problem by capturing 100% of all your website visitors, making it possible to show them your ads and remind them of your deals, no matter where they are on the internet. 

Retargeting is not just for big companies. We almost always recommend creating retargeting campaign alongside a highly targeted cold traffic campaign. 


Retargeting Ads


Remarketing pixels capture visitors to your website and displays your ads to them as they use the web.  It works like this:

  1. A visitor lands on Your Website
  2. A pixel tracks and records the event (individual personal details remain anonymous)
  3. An audience of similar visitors is created
  4. The advertiser runs Offer Ads, Branding Ads, and Reputation Ads to these targeted audiences for the next 90 days.

Cold Traffic

Cold traffic ad campaigns target an audience that is unfamiliar with your products or services but has shown an interest in the types of services and products you offer. This is an important source of new prospects and it feeds new prospects into the retargeting campaign.

The key to successful cold traffic campaigns is to define the target audience using characteristics that match the targeted audience 

Cold traffic targeting is an art gained through experience in optimizing campaigns. Optimized campaigns produce more clicks to the website for less ad cost.

Getting The Click

At NLLB, we take the time to create campaigns that maximize conversions at the lowest possible costs.  For PPC campaigns, this means finding the best setup of ad groups, keywords, and bid strategies.  For retargeting, display, and video ads, this means optimizing creatives and refining campaign targets. 

Our relationships with some of the largest ad networks (including Google) in the world help us to buy cost-effective online advertising.  We’re experts at creating high-converting search ads, display ads, and retargeting campaigns that get display ads placed on high visibility sites like the Weather Channel, ESPN, NBC, Fox News, The History Channel, and others.

It’s worth considering this option that works on a flat monthly fee with a guaranteed 25,000 impressions per month.

Contact us if you need help setting up, managing, or analyzing existing online ad campaigns.

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