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Reputation Manager

Our powerful, customizable reputation system for your business gets more 5-star ratings, creates a trusted brand, better search rankings, and more customer engagement

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

A Good Online Reputation For A Business Is More Important Now Than Ever.

Get More Positive Reviews

Just enter the customer info into the portal, and the system emails and/or texts them with professionally written messages to request a review.

Manage Your Reputation

The system follows up to gently remind the customer to leave a review.  Phone and browser alerts announce when someone has written a review.

Market Your Reputation

How about posting your 5-star reviews on your website for all visitors to see? or on your social media pages? NLRM does it all at an affordable price.


The Next Level Reputation Management System Includes:

Stress-free Reputation Building

Customized colors with your logo and business information makes it easier for customers, clients, and patients to take a minute to leave a review.  Negative reviews are sent directly to the manager.

Build your business through a powerful online reputation

Single or Multi-Locations Getting started is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

 Provide us with your your logo, preferred contact information and your goals for reputation building.  Identify the primary owner of the system.


We'll Set Up your Branded portal

We’ll set up your emails, autoresponder, text messaging, website widgets, dashboard, and connections to Google, Facebook, or other review platforms 


Start to Collect Reviews

After a brief orientation and training on how to increase your positive reviews, it will be time to start entering your customers, patients, and clients’ contact info into the system.  The system sends out requests, follows up, alerts you to reviews, and tracks everything.

Contact Us

We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our Happy Clients

We’ve Delivered Online Presence Benefits for Over 10 years

These are only 3 of the many happy clients we’ve served.  For more, check out our website and Google reviews.

Dr. Lenny Lomax

Ultimaxx CEO


““Working with Greg and the Next Level Local Business has been a wonderful experience. Not only do they take the time to listen to their clients in order to understand their needs and objectives; execution of their online marketing and pay per click strategies has been phenomenal. We will continue to work with them in the future and highly recommend them to others. They are definitely worth the investment. ””

Mitzi Roca

NaviMed Associates


“Greg’s assessment of my new business’ needs and his detailed proposal of services was just the beginning of the very professional service package he delivered in the enhancement of my website, creation and expansion of social media, and broad marketing strategy for my new business. With the patience of a saint, he is timely, professional, friendly and delivers on his work exactly as promised. I intend to contract him again and highly recommend Greg based on this outstanding experience with him.”

Kara Bernsen

COO Capital Health Care Network


“Greg and his team really improved our health care company’s online presence. A big thank you to Greg for being a professional resource and trusted partner for our organization.”

Automate The Work Of Building A Reputation

We set up your easy to use Online Reputation Management Center so that all you have to do is enter the contact info of the customer and our system takes care of all the emails, texts, tracking, thank you’s, reports, and everything else that will encourage your customers to leave you Google feedback.  

We’ll also post 4 and 5-star reviews on your website and social media so that all your visitors can see the great things that you do.

You ask, we answer

Here are some common questions and answers:

Once you sign up, we’ll build the online reputation management center with your brand and color preferences.  The dashboard to this system will allow you to see progress, and track all review requests, and respond appropriately.  We train your staff and manage your portal so you’re never on your own.  All you have to do is add your customers’, clients’, or patients’ contact info and the system does the rest.

As soon as the system is ready, you can start collecting reviews from patients, clients, and customers.  Not everyone will leave reviews, so the time to accumulate reviews varies.

We have special pricing going on right now for $99.99 set up and $39.00 per month for portal access and our management support. 

No.  We do ask you to give it a minimum of 3 months to evaluate your rate of progress.  That said, you can send us 30 day notice at any time.  The set up fee is non-refundable.

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