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What Is Online Presence?

Online presence is the sum total of how broadly a business or brand is identified online as a trusted, in-demand authority in the industry and location where it does business.  It makes it easier for customers, clients, and patients to find your products and services online, and it creates a competitive advantage over those organizations that don’t have one. 

Any business can improve its online presence by applying online marketing, advertising, reputation management, social media, and marketing automation strategies and tools.

Four elements of online presence are summarized below:

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Manage and Market Your Online Reputation Presence


The first element of a brand-building online presence is establishing an online reputation that attracts and keeps customers, clients, patients, and followers.

Today, over 95% of people read online reviews and look for evidence that tells them they should do business with you. People make choices to contact you or not – just from your Google reviews.

We have a much broader definition of reputation management than most reputation agencies.  An important part of that definition is the process of driving up your average star ratings and number of reviews, marketing positive reviews for the client’s benefit, and monitoring the web for reputation comments. But it’s more than that.

If you do any marketing online for your business, you’ll need good marketing content for your online pages, ads, and social media.  You’ll need written copy that’s relevant to the reader, video that explains or entertains, scroll-stopping images, and on and off page SEO. 

When you include these elements in your web pages or blogs, people can find your content and when they do, it holds the reader’s attention, drives new traffic to your website, and builds your reputation as a trusted authority.

Learn more about our reputation management strategies and marketing content tools that build business.

Digital advertising is the second element of an online presence. 

There’s a reason that businesses across the world spend more on digital (online) advertising than they do on TV advertising.   Online advertising works, results are measurable, and can fit any marketing budget.

We take the time to create campaigns that maximize conversions (getting webpage visitors to take a desired action) at the lowest possible costs.  For PPC campaigns, this means finding the best setup of ad groups, keywords, landing pages, and bid strategies.  For retargeting, display, and video ads, this means optimizing creatives, and refining campaign targets. 

If you’re looking to grow your business, a solid online advertising program is a must.  We’re Google certified, and experienced at Facebook, display and video ads, and retargeting.  Learn more about how digital advertising can help build your business.

Create Online Presence Advertising Campaigns

Build a Social Media Online Presence

Add Social Media Power – Element 3

The third element of building an online presence is social media power.

Many businesses we talk to have a love/hate relationship with social media.  They feel that they must have a social media presence because all of their customers and competition are using social media, but they dread the time and effort it takes to create a social media presence that works for them.  And often they don’t know how.

Getting your choice of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest channels set up and optimized is only part of the work involved to use social media to build your online presence. The other part of it is producing consistent content. 

We can help create a social media strategy and utilize some unique methods that can build your specific business, and help set it up so that it works for you.

Marketing Engagement Automation Tools – the fourth online presence element – saves you time and money.

No matter what your business, clients, patients, and customers want to have a satisfying experience, and they want it quickly. 

They get impatient when they leave a voicemail for a business and don’t get a return call right away.

Many customers want faster response than the business can sometimes provide.  This is particularly true of businesses without a customer service staff, and particularly harmful when new prospects contact you expecting a response, or when an existing customer needs help.

These types of problems can be solved with Marketing and Engagement Automation Tools including text enabling your business landlines, chat widgets or bots, appointment setting and reminder systems, loyalty programs, and automatic review request systems.  These software systems make it easier and more convenient to get your customers the information and help they need and encourages greater engagement.

Learn more about our approach

Automate Your Online Presence


Why Work With Us?

No matter what industry you’re in, and no matter what marketing you do offline to keep existing customers and generate new leads, online presence marketing, reputation, advertising, and automation can enhance your results and, in many cases, more effectively than offline methods.

Our specialty is in choosing the right methods and tools to help clients achieve their goals.  We’ve helped clients build an online presence in the senior care, health care, pet services, real estate, nonprofit, engineering, and restaurant industries.


Here’s how we’ve helped just one client achieve these 4-year Online Presence results:

Google Reviews
Clicks To Website, Calls and Video Views From Ads
Online Ad Views (Impressions)

Serving clients in many locations including Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, Fl.

Growing a business in any niche today is difficult.  New and existing competition seems to be everywhere and the pandemic, and likely the post-pandemic, economy is squeezing people to make the best use of their dollars. 

We’re here to make your lives as business owners and managers easier. Our vision is to create an online presence for our clients using proven tools and methods that drive traffic to your website, enhance your brand reputation, and attract new customers, clients, and patients. 

Online marketing, advertising, social media, and automation should be a part of every business that is interested in growing its business, enhancing its brand, and improving its customer experience.  It isn’t always necessary for every business to do all of these things – just the ones that help them achieve their goals. 

We can help you choose the right options and the right choices can take your business to the next level.

No matter what industry you’re in, and no matter what marketing you do offline to keep existing customers and generate new leads, online marketing and advertising can enhance your results and, in most cases, more effectively than offline methods.

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